Overnight Studies

sleep studies

If you suspect you might have a sleep disorder, your doctor may refer you to a sleep center for evaluation and sleep study (also called a polysomnogram). A sleep study is a specialized test that records your body movements, brain waves, blood oxygen levels, breathing patterns, muscle tone, heart rhythms, snoring levels, and general behavior while you sleep. Rest assured…a sleep study isn’t painful and the sensors shouldn’t interfere with one’s sleep.

All sleep studies are conducted in a comfortable, private bedroom equipped with a bed, cable TV and a DVD player. Patients are treated with complimentary snacks, drinks, breakfast bars and coffee in the morning before they leave. Each suite provides a “hotel-like” appeal that includes a quiet atmosphere, pleasant lighting and adjustable temperature to ensure optimal sleeping conditions.

In addition, sleep studies performed by Total Sleep Management are conducted by very compassionate, caring, and knowledgeable board-registered sleep technologists. Studies are then reviewed by one of our board-certified sleep physicians. You can be assured that all aspects of your care will be handled in the most comfortable, safest and efficient manner possible!

Our patients also have the opportunity to tour the Center before the study. This lessens any anxiety he or she may have.

Please take note of the following:

  • On the night of the sleep study, patients come to the Center about an hour before their usual bedtime.
  • Please enter through the front door utilizing the buzzer.
  • Please have clean hair and scalp with no hair spray or oils. **Hair must be loose with no braids, weaves, etc.**
    Kindly remove all makeup. No body oils or lotions.
  • Please take all prescribed medications unless otherwise instructed by your physician. Do Not take any “over-the-counter” drugs, especially allergy or cold remedies. You may take regular Tylenol, Aspirin or Advil the day of the test.
  • No Caffeine or alcohol the day of the study. This includes coffee, tea, soft drinks, or chocolate. You may drink any caffeine free beverages you wish.
  • Please remain awake the entire day of the study. Do Not Nap!
  • Please have your evening meal prior to reporting to the lab.
  • Clothes to sleep in are a must. Bring pajamas or shorts and tee shirt, not your “best” sleep clothes due to the possibility of a drip or spot of electrode adhesive. (This adhesive is insoluble with water).
  • Friends or family members who accompany patients to the lab may not remain in the Lab during the study.
  • Do not bring any electronic equipment (TV, radio, pager, phone or computer).
  • Technicians will position dime-sized sensors at various points on the body to continuously record brain waves, muscle activity, leg and arm movements, heart rhythms, and other body functions during sleep.
  • If you are unable to keep your appointment, please let our office staff know within 24 hours or you will be billed $250.00.

    To cancel please call 1.877.441.2411 at any time.